This week is about dream supplements & herbs. Oneirogens are a class of natural and artificial substances that cause or enhance dreams. Plants with oneirogenic activity have been used to connect with the spirit world, ancestors, and gods for thousands of years. The practice was used to receive prophetic information, heal, or seek higher levels of spiritual awareness. It is good to experiment, and add to your lucidity practice, but never rely solely on external stimuli. Some of these can be found in your local supermarket, such as Vitamin B6 and valerian root! Both of which have many beneficial properties. Some of the supplements mentioned such as Galantamine, have been studied for lucid dream induction, and I have attached some research on it. The natural herbs mentioned in this video can be used as tea, but they are beneficial for smokers who want to quit and use an alternative that doesn't suppress their dreams. Do your own research / consult a doctor before trying anything new. Here are some studies on the supplements and herbs currently being used for dreamwork.

This is not medical advice. If you have any medical conditions, please consult a doctor before trying anything new. 

Common Dream Herbs are:


Blue Lotus Flower

Calea zacatechichi (Mexican Dream Herb)



Valerian Root


Common Dream Supplements are:

Vitamin B6


Huperzine A

Alpha GPC


Foods with Tryptophan

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