Welcome to the most extensive conscious dreaming course you will ever come across. The Dream World University. The purpose of this course is to give you the tools so you can build your own practice, do your own research, and have a solid framework for working with your dreams. We will provide you with guidance on understanding the history and science behind consciousness, dreams, and the human experience. We encourage you to look deep within yourself, work through blockages, see your life from different perspectives, and show up for yourself. It is ultimately up to you to use what you learn here for your own spiritual growth. You have lifelong access to this course, and we are constantly adding and updating it, so keep checking in often.

Meet the hosts, Amina & Martin by watching their intro videos below. We also bring in many more coaches and researchers in the dream work field that have different areas of expertise. You will also have access to full books, research articles, audio files, and other well-known resources, all in one place! The full syllabus is also below.

Enjoy the course and sweet dreams!

Oneironaut (plural oneironauts) (Noun)

  1. A person who explores dream worlds
  2. An interdimensional traveler, usually associated with lucid dreaming.

Meet Our Coaches

Amina Mara

Amina is known for her deep passion and expertise in the realm of dreams and consciousness. As the founder of The Dream World Podcast, Amina wants to create a vibrant community of dream enthusiasts and explorers. Amina has been lucid dreaming since childhood, which led her to embark on a lifelong journey of understanding the power of dreamwork as a whole.

With a background in psychology and neuroscience, Amina pursued her academic studies in these fields while specifically focusing on lucid dreaming for creative inspiration during her master's thesis. Her research delved into the depths of dreams and consciousness, further fueling her love and fascination for the subject. During the 2020 pandemic, she founded the Dream World Podcast, an interactive platform that encourages dialogue and knowledge sharing among individuals interested in dream exploration.

As a published author, lucid dreaming coach, content creator, and community moderator, Amina strives to inspire others to embark on their own inner journeys. Her work encompasses various mediums, where she imparts her wisdom, insights, and techniques to help others navigate the dream world and forge a profound relationship with their subconscious minds and the collective consciousness. Amina invites individuals of all generations to connect, learn, and uncover the profound truths about spirituality, life, and consciousness as a whole.

Amina continues to be a guiding light for dreamers and seekers of deeper understanding. Her dedication to creating a sense of community and exploration in the realm of dreams has touched the lives of many, inspiring them to embark on their own transformative journeys of self-discovery.

This course is divided into 10 weeks. You can work your way through the modules at your own pace. Starting with the basics, and moving all the way to advanced lucid dreaming practices, and other things like sleep tracking, treating nightmares, out-of-body experiences, and more. This course is designed to teach you a lot about all dreams, not just lucid dreams. You may want to understand the meaning of a recurring dream, have a visit with your late grandfather, work through past trauma, or anything else. There's a space for it here. 

If you are here mainly for lucid dreaming, welcome. Whether you are a beginner who hasn't remembered a dream in 10 years, or an experienced lucid dreamer that wants to deepen their practice, there is a lot here for you to benefit from. Remember, lucid dreaming is a learnable skill that takes time to master. Like going to the gym, you need consistency and practice to see results. Have fun throughout the process and don't get frustrated expecting instant results. Instead, learn to fall in love with all your dreams, not just lucid ones. Dream journaling, Lucid dreaming, and lucid living are lifelong transformative practices. You will learn things that you can take with you beyond this course and use throughout your life.

Martin Stewart

Martin is a dream coach from Zimbabwe. He has trained in workshops hosted in Buddhist temples where he learned lucid dreaming, Yoga Nidra, meditation & mindfulness with a teacher from the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He has learned from witchdoctors about dreamwork, premonitions, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and ancestral dreaming. Martin is a veteran oneironaut and has recalled thousands of dreams filling over ten dream journals. He is also an artist, musician and poet that uses lucid dreaming to enhance his creativity. He has also a number of past life memories from his early childhood and now uses lucid dreaming to explore past life regression.

Ashaba Faridah

Ashaba Faridah grew up in a humble background in the outskirts of Kampala city, Uganda, she went on to defy the odds and become one of the few women pilots in her country. She had a near-death experience in 2016 that completley shifted her view on life and death. She is also a spiritual coach who is experienced in guiding people through out-of-body-experiences.

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