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Robert Waggoner is a prominent figure in the field of lucid dreaming, known for his contributions to lucid dreaming exploration and his work as an author and speaker. He wrote a popular book called "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self," which has gained recognition and acclaim within the lucid dreaming community. In this book, he shares his personal experiences and insights on lucid dreaming, delving into the potential for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and expanded consciousness that lucid dreaming offers. He also wrote "Lucid Dreaming Plain & Simple".

Waggoner has been actively involved in promoting lucid dreaming through various mediums, including speaking engagements, workshops, and contributions to online communities. He has shared his expertise and perspectives on lucid dreaming, offering guidance and techniques to help individuals explore and enhance their lucid dreaming experiences.

He helped create the monthly LDE (Lucid Dream Experience Magazine). You can subscribe for free here. In this issue shown below, Amina's favorite and most legendary lucid dream is featured. Can you find it?

You can also find my full interview with Robert Waggoner HERE

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