Limiting Beliefs

What limiting beliefs are you releasing today?

  • Think of any limiting beliefs you want to release. It can be related to dreamwork, or it can be anything in life. Your subconscious mind listens to what you tell yourself and internalizes it.
  • What are things you tell yourself often that are hurtful to your confidence? Would you say them to a child? If the answer is no, then trash it.
  • Use the comment section below as a trash can for these negative beliefs. Start to change your mindset, it begins within. Replace it with something kind, something that you love about yourself!!!
  • For example:
    • Today, I release the limiting belief that I suck at lucid dreaming and it is difficult for me.
    • I know that I am a natural lucid dreamer, and I am thankful for my progress. I love that I took the extra step to learn more about it, and I am already improving. 
    • Today, I release the limiting belief that I am socially awkward and people don't like me. I have no support and I am alone in life.
    • I know that I am a compassionate and creative person. Anyone would be lucky to have me as a friend. I am thankful for those who stick around and care about me. Above all, I always love myself and lookout for myself, and I am awesome for that!
  • If you would rather journal on this personally, that's fine too. What are you thankful for? There is always something!

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